About this Annex

About this Annex

Model flying displays take on many forms, from the smallest club based event to the largest display attracting thousands of visitors.

When organising any event with a model flying display element there are a number of responsibilities and obligations incurred by the organiser as well as a whole host of practical considerations that can potentially affect the safe and smooth running of the event.

This handbook has been put together to assist all those involved in the organisation of a model flying display, including organisers and the display pilots who will be taking part.

Successful events in general, and flying displays in particular, are not successful by accident. It takes considerable planning and attention to detail to arrive at a well run, well organised event.

This document should be read in conjunction with the British Model Flying Association Members’ Handbook (latest version).

Throughout this handbook, he, him, and his are used for convenience; of course, the male gender does not have exclusive rights to run model flying displays and feminine equivalents should be substituted where appropriate.

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