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The BMFA is constantly reviewing its advice to model flyers and it works in close liaison with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on model flying matters. Following changes to the UK regulations on 31st December 2020, the BMFA now operates under an ‘Article 16 Authorisation’ from the CAA, which defines the operating parameters for model aircraft operated by members.  Details of how this applies are included throughout this book for your information.

The Member’s Handbook is an active document that is constantly kept under review and we are very happy to receive input from anyone concerned about model flying matters.

Several sections have been removed into two Annexes.  Annex A is the Model Flying Display Handbook (amalgamating the Display Section and the Display Organisers Handbook) and Annex B is the Model Flying Technical Handbook which includes sections on radio control, hazardous materials and the Noise Code.

We would encourage anyone with comments, suggested additions or amendments to contact the Technical Secretary or CEO via the BMFA Leicester office.

Please note that the BMFA Website – www.bmfa.org is the major source of information for the BMFA.  It is regularly referred to throughout this document as there are many specialist booklets now available for downloading (also available from the Leicester office).

Words of masculine gender should be taken to include the feminine gender unless the context indicates otherwise.

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