Submitting a NOTAM

It is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirement that all air users should be advised of unusual air activities that might be hazardous. This includes model aircraft displays. The process for notifying air users is called the "Notice to Airmen" or NOTAM. This appendix describes how to request a NOTAM.

NOTAMs should ideally be requested 28 days before the event by completing the online application form:  Don’t leave it until the last minute, as during the summer months they are very busy and it can take a couple of weeks for them to process applications.

Further advice can be sought by sending an email to or calling them on 01293 983 880.

The application requires the following information:

Activity Type:

Start Date:

End Date:

Start Time (LOCAL):

End Time (LOCAL):

Latitude and Longitude:

Radius: (1 Kilometre usually more than adequate)

Max Height Above Ground Level: (1500 feet is usually what BMFA Display Permits will state)

Brief Description of Event/Reason for Flight: (Model Aircraft flying Display)

Contact Telephone Number During Event/Activity:

Site Address:

The process will also require you to upload copies of any exemptions/permissions you’ll be operating under, so you will need to upload a copy of your BMFA (& LMA where required) Display Permits and Article 16 Authorisation(s).

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