6.1 Flying Site Negotiations

The BMFA has, over many years, built up a unique depth of experience and expertise in negotiations with local government authorities and other landowners and this is available to any club needing such advice.

6.2 The BMFA Club Support Officer

The BMFA has the services of a full time advisor whose brief is to assist all BMFA affiliated clubs with site and planning problems.

Before your club enters into any form of dialogue with Local Authorities or anyone else on the subject of model flying it is essential, for your own benefit,  that you discuss your problems or proposals with the BMFA Club Support Officer .  There are also a number of booklets available from the Leicester Office and for download from the Club Support website (https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk), including an example Club Constitution, Flying Site Guide, Dealing with L.A.s, Dealing with Farmers, etc.  See comprehensive list on the website.

Very early involvement is crucial in any negotiations.

This will enable the BMFA to build an information file on your circumstances which will be invaluable if you run into problems. All information will, of course, be confidential.

Independent action by clubs has, at times, led to the complete withdrawal of flying facilities for everyone using a site so the facts are clear – to give your club the best chance of success you should use the experience and expertise available through the BMFA. It is only a telephone call away.

Help and advice from BMFA has been instrumental in obtaining and retaining the use of many flying fields so please contact the BMFA’s Club Support Officer should you encounter any problems.

6.3 Club Assets and Grant Applications

If you are making grant applications (for instance, to Local Authorities) you may find that the award will depend on your Club Constitution clearly stating what will happen to assets in the event of the club winding up.

The usual requirement is that your members may not benefit directly and your Constitution may need to state that the Club assets would be transferred to, for instance, a charity or possibly to the BMFA.

The BMFA operates a Trust scheme to help clubs in these circumstances. All assets are held in trust for a period of ten years and will be administered by the Board. The money may be used to assist the re-forming of the Club or the formation of a new Club in the immediate area.

For more details, please contact the BMFA.

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