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The following scripts are intended as a guide to be used when briefing the press and spectators in the immediate aftermath of an accident or incident. 

Immediate PA Announcement 

“Ladies and gentlemen, there has been an incident at the right hand end of the display line involving a model aircraft and a number of spectators.  If you were not involved in the incident, please keep the area clear and be careful not to restrict the access of emergency vehicles which will be arriving shortly.  If you are a medical professional or first responder, please make yourself known to the flight line marshals.” 

“Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm.  There is no need to evacuate the area.  Please do not return to your cars; it is important that we minimise congestion in all access routes to enable the unrestricted passage of emergency vehicles.  Please assist our marshals by moving towards the left hand end of the spectator area.”

 Subsequent Request for Photographic and Video Evidence 

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you were taking photographs or video of the red Hughes helicopter during or shortly before the incident, please make yourself known to the flight line marshals.  We ask that you are respectful to those involved in the incident; please carefully consider the possible consequences of posting potentially sensitive images on social media networks.”

 Final PA Announcement 

“Ladies and gentlemen, we regret that it has been decided to cancel the remainder of the flying display for today to enable the safe conduct of the investigation into this afternoon’s incident.  [Repeat photo/video request above.]  If you are able to come again tomorrow, your ticket for today may be used to gain entry, and you will be most welcome to join us for a full flying programme.  Have a safe journey home.”

 Initial Press Statement 

“I regret to report that there has been an incident involving a model aircraft and a number of spectators.  I cannot report on the condition of the spectators who have been taken by ambulance to [location] hospital.  The incident will be the subject of an investigation by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.  A press conference will be held at [time and location].”[pdf-embedder url="https://handbook.bmfa.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Annex-D-Spectator-and-Press-Briefings.pdf" title="Annex D Spectator and Press Briefings"]

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