17.1    Introduction

The RC Achievement Scheme is run by the BMFA as a National Scheme and it is open to all RC model flyers, including non-members. The scheme provides tests at various levels, across a wide range of disciplines, including power fixed wing, helicopter, multi-rotor, camera drones and silent flight thermal, slope and electric.

The aim of the Scheme is to encourage RC model flyers to improve their standard of flying and safety, and to prove that standard to an Examiner.

It is important to appreciate that the scheme is not about permitting or licensing. Fundamentally, the scheme is all about personal goals and challenges. It is intended to provide every RC flyer with something to aspire to and aim for, should they so wish. The scheme is not compulsory!

17.2    Scheme Control

The scheme is administered nationally by power and silent flight Scheme Controllers, although these roles may be combined in a single Scheme Controller. The Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC) has ownership of all Achievement Scheme materials, which are reviewed on an annual basis.

BMFA Areas control and co-ordinate the activities of all Area Chief Examiners and Instructors, within their Area. Individual clubs administer their Club Examiners and Instructors.

17.3    Qualifications

The scheme provides proficiency certification and achievement awards at Basic Proficiency (BPC) and ‘A’ certificate (basic) and ‘B’ certificate (advanced) levels for a wide variety of disciplines. Specialist ‘C’ certificate endorsements are also available to ‘B’ certificate holders.

Full details of the scheme and the wide variety of achievements available are detailed in the dedicated ‘Achievement Scheme Handbook’, along with information on the various Instructor and Examiner ratings.

This Handbook is available from the Leicester Office or for download from the achievement scheme website at http://achievements.bmfa.uk.

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