26.1    BMFA Rule Books
All the following rule books are available as free-of-charge downloads from the BMFA Contest Rules Archive or they may be obtained pre-printed from the BMFA Leicester office at a cost of £3.00 per book (books 3 to 7), plus an A5 SAE.

FAI Class rules are now excluded from these rule books, but they do include variations to the FAI rules where implemented in the UK.  See below for full FAI rules.

  • Section 1 & 2 General Regulations and Rules
    This section is issued free with sections 3 to 8.
  • Section 2a Records Rules
    This section contains detailed regulations concerning record attempts and it is available free on request.
  • Section 2b UK Records List
    This section contains details of all ratified UK records including the current records and holders and it is available free on request.
  • Section 3 Free Flight
    All Outdoor and Indoor classes.
  • Section 4 Control Line
    Speed and Aerobatics’, Team Racing, Combat and Carrier classes
  • Section 5 Radio Control Power
    Aerobatics (GBRCAA and IMAC), Helicopters, Pylon, Waterplanes, Sam 35 Vintage, Fun-Fly and FPV.
  • Section 6 Scale
    Free Flight, Control Line, Radio Control, Indoor and Helicopters
  • Section 7 Radio Control Silent Flight Book 1
    Glider and Electroflight classes
  • Section 8 Space Models
    All Classes

26.2    FAI Sporting Code

Each section contains all the FAI rules for the discipline, including FAI Provisional rules.

CIAM General Rules £4 Volume F3 Pylon £5
Records £4 Volume F3 R/C Soaring £5
EDIC – Electronic Devices in Competition £4
Volume F1 Free Flight £5 Volume F4 Scale £5
Volume F2 Control Line V2 plus Annex 4J £5 Volume F5 R/C Electric Powered Models £5
Volume F3 R/C Aerobatics £5 Volume F7 Aerostats £5
Volume F3 R/C Drone Racing £5 Volume S Space £5
Volume F3 R/C Helicopters £5 Buy one discipline and each additional discipline is £3

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