14.1    CAP 658 says
If at all possible contact and join a local model flying club. There is no doubt that this is the best way to learn to fly. Details of your local clubs can be obtained from the BMFA or your local model shop.

Most of the many hundreds of model flying clubs in the UK offer training in R/C flying to beginners.

The Acheivement Scheme Review Committee (ARSC) also administer a structured instructor scheme and recognised flight training programme, which is detailed in the BMFA flight traing manual ‘A Flying Start’. Copies of which are available from the BMFA office or for download from the achievement scheme website at https://achievements.bmfa.uk.

It is not impossible to learn to fly without being a member of a club but it can be very difficult. If you are not able to join a club then try to get help from an experienced model flyer who will be able to guide your first efforts.

Some organisations offer commercial model flying training. Details can usually be found in the model flying magazines.

14.2    Simulators and Simulator Leads
Flight simulators are becoming increasingly popular as a tool to help you learn to fly R/C models and there’s no doubt that they also help develop and hone flying skills when you can’t get out to fly.

Look out for depth perception problems when you move back to real models as there are differences.

Be aware that the frequent plugging and unplugging of simulator or training leads can lead to poor connections or damage to the host circuit board on some transmitters



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